What is a TSS visa?

What is a TSS visa?

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Temporary skill shortage TSS visa australia process and features

In Australia, the TSS visa gives authority to the employers for recruiting foreign workers for their companies on account of a shortage of Australia workers. This is applicable only if the company or the employers of Australia are not able to find skilled workers in Australia. By this process, the temporary skill shortages for Australian employers are reduced to a greater extent. The visa does also ensures the priority given to Australian workers for jobs by employers. The foreign workers in Australia can work in their nominated occupations as per the hiring policy of the employers if they have a TSS visa. Later on, this visa improves the chances for these foreign skilled workers to claim permanent residency in Australia.


The temporary visa TSS directs an Australian employer to look for an Australian skilled worker first and on priority than looking for a foreign skilled worker if any vacancy arises in the organization. By this process, a temporary worker shortage problem in Australia is addressed to a greater extent. The TSS visa permits the foreign worker to live in Australia for the purpose of work given by the Australian employer for a full-time position. When these workers apply for the nominated position advertised by an Australian employer, they can include the dependent family members in the application.


TSS visa stream types

The two streams of TSS visa are short term and long term. types for the applicants. The short-term visa stream is applicable and eligible for only two years period and the long one for up to four years. The applicant can proceed further for permanent residency after three years.



What is the eligibility for a TSS visa?

The TSS visa applicants must have the necessary skills for the nominated position of the employer. It is expected at least two years of work experience is necessary for the prescribed role in any organization in Australia. English language requirement is necessary for the visa applicant if they are from non-English speaking countries. Clearance certificates from the Police department along with health and character criteria for the applicant are a must for the TSS visa eligibility.


Process of TSS visa

A sponsorship employer application is needed

Nomination application for the job vacancy

Visa application by the employee nominated



The above process is a must for TSS visa applicants to get through. An important feature of temporary skill shortage TSS visa Australia is there is no age limit for applicants.