Is bulk seafood expensive in Australia?

Is bulk seafood expensive in Australia?

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It is quite popular among people that seafood is expensive in Australia. One cannot deny that Australian seafood is not cheap. However, it is not as expensive as people think it is. There are several types of seafood available in the market that one can buy. Their prices vary as per their type and quality. If you are considering starting bulk seafood business, you should get all vital information before you proceed. You might even think, “Is bulk seafood expensive in Australia?” One cannot say straightaway that Australian seafood is expensive or cheap. It is subjective whether seafood is Australia is cheap or not. Before we answer the question, we would like to share some facts about the seafood industry in the Land Down Under.

The seafood supplier industry in Australia is largely managed by human labour. Paying wages to labours costs money which is added to the total cost of the produce. There is not much automation involved that would cut out labour costs. As a result of that, the cost of seafood is fairly high in the country as compared to other countries. From handling to processing to final delivery, much of labour is involved which shoots up the price of seafood available in the country. Now, coming back to our question, “Is bulk seafood expensive in Australia?” When you buy something in bulk, the price will be lower than what you would pay in retail. At times, when you go to the market, you would get the option to either buy local produce or imported ones. You may notice that imported seafood is slightly cheaper than local ones. The reason is that some countries sell cheap seafood is that they produce it commercially. Australia is very particular about its contribution towards the environment, so they have made environmental regulations. As a result of that, seafood companies are supposed to follow the regulations which increase their price.

A good reason why you should buy local seafood instead of imported ones is that they are safer to eat. Some countries use suncream and antibiotics to preserve the fishes, prawns, etc for a longer time. It is not appropriate to eat them as they would be less healthy. When you eat fresh seafood in Australia, they would not only be free from any antibiotics and preservatives but they would be healthier too. If you are into bulk seafood business, you should think the same way and feed people fresh seafood only.